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Public Works


The Raymond Public Works Department is responsible for all water and wastewater services and for the streets and maintenance of city properties.


Water and Wastewater Services

Water and Wastewater Operator:     INFRAMARK

Water Clerk: Brenda Hubbard

Water Department: Raymond City Hall, 601-857-8041

The City is committed to delivering clean, safe drinking water as directed by the Mississippi Department of Health. The City is responsible for the maintenance of all water distribution systems in the City. This includes wells, distribution lines, and meters.

The City also operates the waste treatment systems as directed by permits allocated through the Department of Environmental Quality.


Water Leaks and/or Meter Maintenance

Please call Raymond City Hall to report a water leak or suspected leak or a problem with your water meter. Water leaks between the meter and the residence or business to which it supplies water are private lines and leaks are not the responsibility of the city.


Request for Water Service

To request water service or new water/wastewater tap, please see the Water Clerk at Raymond City Hall, Water Department.


Maintenance and other City Services

Over all Maintenance: Tommy Pullen and Dannie Kimple


Street Patching and Pot Hole Repair

City employees are on patrol to fill potholes and repair streets throughout the city.  Cold weather and rain are two of the culprits that cause streets to deteriorate.  Citizens are welcome to call City Hall to report potholes and rough areas.


Leaves and Limb Pick-up

The City normally schedules limb pick-up on Thursdays.  The city will not pick up any limb larger than 4 inches in diameter, 4 feet in length , or weighing more than 75 pounds. All limbs must be cut into manageable lengths.  Please pile limbs on the neutral ground by the street, not IN the street.  Do not block sidewalks and ditches. Place the limbs in such a way that there are no overhanging lines or structures to interfere with pick up.  Your piles must contain tree limbs or shrubbery clippings only.  No household or construction garbage will be accepted.  This includes boards, wires, fencing, etc.

It is the duty of any landscaper, tree surgeon or tree trimming contractor to immediately remove all debris generated that day. 

The City will pick up leaves that are raked, bagged, and deposited on the curb.  Citizens are asked to remove all trash and sticks from the leaf bags.  The City will pick the leaves up as time permits on the regularly scheduled limb pick up day.


Beautification of City Property

The city takes pride in keeping a beautiful clean town.  The Maintenance Department is responsible for mowing the public right of way on Highway 18 and inside the city, sweeping streets and curbs free of leaves and trash, maintaining ditches, the cemeteries, parking lots, flower beds, and other city property.


Mosquito Spraying Program

The summer mosquito spraying program is done at the peak of mosquito season during the evening or night when mosquitos are most active.

Citizens are encouraged to eliminate all sources of standing water around their property.  This includes flower pots and saucers, old tires, pet bowls, gutters, diches, ruts in driveways, and boles of trees.  Mosquitos can reproduce in a very tiny amount of water…even a bottle cap.  Wash those pet bowls and bird baths out every day and replace with fresh water.


Garbage Pick up

Republic Services picks up regular household trash, usually early on Wednesdays.  In the event of a holiday, the scheduled pick up day may be changed.  If you have a question about a schedule change, please call Raymond City Hall.  They will pick-up furniture, bagged leaves and small limbs bundled and tied together, not to exceed 4 feet in length.  These items should be stacked next to your regular household trash.  They will pick up appliances provided any Freon or coolant has been removed by a certified plumber and his tag has been affixed to the item. Doors of appliances should be removed or secured in closed position to protect children from getting inside. They will not pick up boards or building materials.  If you have a large amount of goods other than household garbage, please call the company for additional clarification at 601-420-8278.


Isla Tullos
601-857-0105 fax

City Clerk & Water Department Clerk
Brenda Hubbard
601-857-8416 Water Department
601-857-0105 fax

Court Clerk & Municipal Court Records Clerk
Lisa Raney
601-857-0105 fax


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We all come from the past,
and children ought to know
What it was that went into their making,
to know that life is a braided cord of humanity
stretching up from time long gone,
and that it cannot be defined by the span
of a single journey from diaper to shroud.

~ Russell Baker ~